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Knitted/crocheted items most recently distributed to children in:
Albania, Bosnia, Romania, Chile, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Malawi, Rwanda, and El Salvador.

World Vision's dedicated field staff works diligently and efficiently to meet the critical needs of as many people as possible. How they do this varies by each community, but Knit for Kids items are delivered to families and children along with other supplies such as medicines, food provisions, bed nets, school supplies, survival tools, and much more. To maintain efficiency and keep our staff focused on meeting these critical needs, we are unable to report specific details of your donated item at this time.

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Once you sponsor a child, you will learn how you can send special packages directly to him or her!

You may not be able to send large knitted items due to size restrictions, but small caps and other knitted or crocheted treasures could be your way of sending joy and love to your chosen sponsored child.

Due to high import duties and restrictions by foreign governments, many local World Vision offices cannot receive packages larger than a 6"x9" envelope for sponsored children. You will send your envelopes to your child's World Vision national country office — details which will be mailed to you and can be found online once you sponsor.

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